The Life RENDER consortium will be conducted by 7 partners from Spain, France and Portugal.

INKOA, Coordinating Beneficiary, will focus its work on the development of the Web Tool enabling the realization of PEF and PEFCR-compliant studies by SMEs from the Food and Drink sector and the identification of focused environmental measures. IEIC will work on the implementation of the PEF and PEFCR requirements into the software tool and will lead the development of the Database with best quality Life Cycle Inventory database. ACTALIA Agri-Food Research and Technology Institute will be responsible for the deployment of the Database on Best Available Techniques, Technologies and Management Practices. ANIA, FIAB and FIPA as the National Food and Drink Federations of France, Spain and Portugal respectively will act as bridge to food companies and will ensure the replicability and sustainability of the action.

All partners will carry out dissemination actions and collaborate so that the results of the project are undertaken by the relevant stakeholders be it of industrial nature or regulatory bodies.