With consumers and stakeholders placing an increased focus on environment, the European Commission released the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) as a single metric to measure, display and benchmark the environmental performance of products. To increase consistency of PEF studies, the European Commission works on Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCRs) with technical guidance for specific product category. Product Environmental Footprint is often too complex for Small and Medium Enterprises and the European Commission has identified some key actions: provide initial tools that support SMEs and make sure that PEFCRs represent a simplification in the application of PEF.

Life-RENDER aims to demonstrate under real conditions the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of an innovative tool enabling the realization of PEF and PEFCR-compliant studies by SMEs from the Food and Drink sector and the identification of focused environmental measures. The project will promote the implementation of the Environmental Footprint Methodology at European level as key tool to assess and to communicate life cycle environmental performance to business consumers and stakeholders.

» Eurosérum participates in Life RENDER

Eurosérum (, leading company in the production of high-quality whey powder and dairy ingredients will use Life RENDER tool to evaluate the Product Environmental Footprint of a selection of their products. Welcome onboard!

» Presentation PEF Method and RENDER Software Tool - ACTALIA

Do you want to know more about Product Environmental Footprint of dairy products and the RENDER software tool? Check out the presentation of Alexandre Moreno (Actalia)in the following link! Journée technique ACTALIA Produits laitiers- Parlons environnement!

» Life RENDER has now been running for three years... Learn more about the project status in our newsletter.

The third project newsletter in English describing the status and main achievements of the project is now accessible on the Publication section. Check it out!